Dating an iwc watch

As for the size of the case, that’ll depend on your preference and what looks best on you, but a classic dress watch is supposed to be very thin and small (sub 40MM, usually), but I’m a little new school in this regard and don’t mind a taller or larger case, something like the 44mm IWC cases is fine, but right on the edge, for me.Honestly, go smaller if you have a small wrist, and bigger, if you have a wider wrist.If you’re in shorts and flip flops, that might not look right with a dress watch. If you’re wearing: If you have a smaller wrist, around 6″, then go with a 40mm or smaller.If you have average to a wider wrist, around 7″ or bigger, then go with a 40 to 44mm sized watch.It’s when you get into vintage watches that the sizes tend to be smaller.So if you prefer a smaller watch, then vintage may be right for you.

Just like I discussed in the series intro, there’s something amazing about owning a finely crafted piece of history and engineering perfection.If you have the budget for only one watch, or only want to own one dress watch, then make sure to get a brown band to swap out with your silver cased watch as your outfit accessories dictate.It’s a little bit of a pain, but not so much that this isn’t an option.I just think of all the sleezy salesman guys wearing their Movado watches at the bar after work – bleh.You can also use a leather alternative or other hide – kangaroo, ostrich, alligator, etc.

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I don’t mind a few subdials or complications like a power reserve, subdial seconds, moon phase or month/day date.

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